Aromadermatology av Janetta Bensouilah, Philippa Buck

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This comprehensive, evidence-based guide promotes an integrative approach to using complementary therapies with conventional medicines.
It increases awareness of the sound scientific basis to aromatherapy with a wealth of data, and contains practical information for treatment.
Contents include: Skin structure and function * Essential oil sciences in context * Aromadermatology and safety issues * The essentials of aromatic formulations * Skin-care essentials * Skin and the psyche * Skin infections * Childhood skin complaints * Inflammatory disorders * Wound care * Nails, hair and sebaceous glands
¿With the growing interest in aromatherapy, it is important that therapists and healthcare professionals are able to offer a valid rationale when integrating essential oils into clinical care. Sound knowledge of bio-chemical principles and the ability to critically appraise and apply relevant research are fundamental requirements. This book offers a com