Fall from Grace



Del nå!

You see, it all begins with a drunk driver who leads to a cold case murder, which then mingles with a case of a woman searching for her birth mother. When a drunk driver named George Martin takes a fateful drive across the immaculate lawn of Glendale’s Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, crashing into the church’s bell tower, his accident reveals a body that had been buried beneath the tower some thirty-odd years ago. Meanwhile, Addison Temple, the beautiful, smart, and sassy female detective, investigates a murder case involving one of her clients. Her nemesis and male counterpart, Logan Stanton, has been called in to assist the local police department with the cold case involving the body found under the Catholic Church bell tower. The two detectives soon learn their cases may somehow be connected. As they attempt to unravel the mysterious connection and solve the murders, their rivalry turns into a mutual attraction that intensifies as they move ever nearer to solving the crimes.