Flying Blind av Peter Robison

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”The astoundingly well reported and beautifully told story of the downfall of what was once a great American company. A must-read” Bethany McLean, bestselling author of The Smartest Guys in the Room
”Compelling and richly reported,Flying Blind is about so much more than the sad decline of Boeing and the tragic mistakes that led to the 737 Max disaster. It”s also the urgent story of how the almighty profit motive supplanted a culture of engineering excellence in boardrooms across America” Brad Stone, bestselling author of The Everything Store
The definitive expos¿f how Boeing put profit before passengers, leading to the devastating loss of life in the 737 MAX crashes and the downfall of an American business giant
In examining the history of the 737, Flying Blind explores how Boeing”s new management degraded a highly-regarded plane with cost-focused mandates and skimped on testing in the race t