It’s a New Day



Del nå!

The art ladies are back and they are preparing for a state-wide art show to be held in Waco, Texas. As usual, things are not simple for this group of feisty women, but they like it that way. They rise to every occasion as they set out to heal the heart of a teenaged boy with a broken family, give hope to a young homeless mother of two, and embark on a whole new adventure involving a food truck and lots of bacon. The former governor of Texas even joins in their antics, with his bum knee and two-cow ranch. Each woman in the group is different in background and personality but very much alike in her dogged determination to work hard and do right by others. They share an uncanny ability to find clues and solve seemingly impossible situations due to years of honing attention-to-detail skill through their art. This group of talented, resourceful ladies is quick-witted, outspoken, humorous, and compassionate. Although life has not always been a bed of roses, each lady is relentlessly positive