Wild Your Garden av The Butterfly Brothers

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Turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary for nature and join the rewilding movement today!
Introducing Wild Your Garden, a practical guide to rewilding your outdoor space, with advice, inspiration and step-by-step projects brought to you by Gardeners” World and Springwatch guests The Butterfly Brothers.
We all have the potential to make the world a little greener, and Wild Your Garden shows you how to create a garden that can help boost local biodiversity. You don”t need specialist knowledge or acres of land.
If you have any outdoor space, you can make a difference to local wildlife, and reduce your carbon footprint, too! So what are you waiting for?
Dive straight in to discover:
-Practical illustrated step-by-step projects for all level of gardeners
-Tips and advice to adjust to the principles of wild gardening
-Inspiration for rewilding your garden space and encourage local biodiversity to thrive
Whether you w